Bambi Shirts

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For over 75 years, Disney’s beloved coming-of-age story of a wide-eyed fawn named Bambi has captured the hearts of generations. Now fans can keep the magic of the classic film alive with TeeMickey’s exclusive line of Bambi t-shirts. These high-quality cotton tees featuring the sweet characters and iconic scenes from the movie make perfect gifts for Disneyphiles young and old.

TeeMickey’s artists have carefully translated the pastoral beauty of the forest and charm of characters like Bambi, Thumper, Flower and Faline into whimsical designs. Fawns peek out from flower patches with butterflies swirling above. Baby Bambi rests curled up beside his mother, the great Prince of the Forest. And of course, the famous scene where Bambi takes his first wobbly steps onto the meadow appears frequently. Each nature-filled design channels the innocence of the beloved coming-of-age tale.

Available for both adults and kids in a variety of unisex sizes and cuts, the whole family can don matching Bambi shirts for a Disney day in the park or movie night at home. Both short and long sleeve options are offered to suit any climate or season. Every tee features original TeeMickey artwork printed vibrantly on soft heather grey, navy or black cotton to perfectly compliment the colorful designs.

In addition to Bambi shirts, TeeMickey offers other merchandise like mugs, greeting cards and phone cases featuring Thumper, Flower, Faline and other characters. Their exclusive apparel and gifts are perfect for fans looking to surround themselves with the magic and cherished memories of this milestone in Disney animation.